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***** CLOSED *****

It’s been quite awhile since you’ve heard from us while
we took time away during the pandemic. If you know
us and have been following us you probably know that
we temporarily closed 02/2020 while Jim underwent a
bone marrow transplant. During our planned months
away a worldwide pandemic broke out which drastically
changed our reopening plans.

We had planned for me (Michelle) getting back to work
and weekly markets last June, unfortunately the
pandemic made that much too dangerous considering
Jim’s non-existent immune system at the time. We
have checked in with Jim’s transplant team at every
appointment over this last year and keep being told
that, despite our covid vaccines, being at markets puts
Jim at risk and they would prefer we wait until the
pandemic is over.

Having discussed our options we came to the difficult
decision to close Ridley Straws. All items on our
website ***( )*** are at or below
our wholesale prices as we clear out our stock - ALL
handcrafted glass straws are just $2.00 each!! I will be
making more glass straws over the next month while I
use up the opened cases of glass tubing - so if you
don’t see what you are looking for be sure to check
back in. If you, or someone you know, works with glass
and might be interested in buying cases of glass
tubing (I have a LOT!) or the entire Ridley Straws
business, please send them our way.

Thank you for the years of support you have given us
as we all worked together to reduce the amount of
plastic and single use items trashing our environment.
We could not have made it this far, or made a
difference in the world without you.

Michelle and Jim

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