Original Ridley Straw

Original Ridley Straw


Our Original Ridley Straw is 8.75″ long, just right for a tall glass of your favorite drink!  Every straw is handmade in Florida and they come in 8 great colors: light amber, dark amber, blue, clear, gray, green, pink and, teal.  At 9mm across and a 5mm opening, these heavy duty glass straws stand up to daily use.  Ridley straws are reusable, dishwasher safe and, eco-friendly.


Complete the look

So you gave the whole using eco-friendly straws thing a shot but couldn’t stick with it because you just can’t find a decent non plastic straw.

Look, I get it.

Somewhere along the shouts and screams of “PLASTIC STRAWS ARE KILLING THE TURTLES AND POLLUTING OUR OCEANS”, they forgot to mention that transitioning into non-plastic straws wasn’t going to be an easy one.

I mean, using a metal straw to drink hot beverages like coffee or tea is just not a fun experience. You end up with a swollen tongue and lips that look like you got some bad Botox. Way to spoil a delicious drink.

There’s even some crazy story about a lady who got impaled with a stainless steel straw because she slipped right into it. True story, she actually died!

Now, Bamboo straws are no better, they taste like you’re licking wet wood. Sometimes I can even see the tiny pieces of bamboo floating all over my drink, no shame just chillin’ there.

And don’t get me started with paper straws, I can’t even finish ONE drink with those!

What’s worse is the fact that none of these straws let you see the inside clearly.  So you can scrub all you want but you’ll never know for sure if some lil’ black mold fellow is just lurking inside waiting for you to take a sip. (And trust me, most of the time it’s there!)

So what are you left with?


Glass straws.


Thing is, most glass straws are what you’d expect – super fragile. You have to handle them with the utmost care or they’ll break and if you’re going to be carrying them around (which you will ’cause that’s like the whole point of not using plastic straws right?) you can’t be stressin’ every time you go for a drink because then you rather go back to plastic and choke some baby turtles.

Fortunately, our Glass Straws are made with thick-walled glass tubing which makes our straws sturdier than your generic any-other-competitor glass straw that uses a standard thickness.

Every straw is annealed in a digitally controlled kiln. This releases any stress in the glass from the manufacturing process increasing both durability and safety.

We also offer a variety of sizes and colors – for everyone and every drink.

Choose a size and a color and snatch this incredible deal right away and go crazy with them Starbucks’ muckbangs!


Our Original Ridley Straw is 8.75″ long, just right for a tall glass of your favorite drink! 

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