Hurrican Dorian

Hurrican Dorian
September 4, 2019 Ridley
In ridley straws

I’m sitting here at my desk, next to a storm-shuttered window. It’s a bit dark and dreary in here today as the rains from Dorian are starting to fade away. Tomorrow we begin the process of taking down shutters, putting our plants back outside, and setting our lives back to normal – but for today we are content to sit inside and just be thankful.

At times like this it is easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless – maybe even a bit guilty that we wished for it to not hit us and we were spared while our neighbors suffered. One thing that brings hope to my heart after a tragedy is how many people I see come together to help others. The amount of groups and organizations already working to get immediate relief supplies to the Bahamas is heart-warming.

We typically stick to donations that help the environment, but for this one, we are going to be helping our neighbors instead. Did you know Ridley Straws donates 2.5% of every single dollar we make to local, non-profit charities? We had decided to combine our July and August donation into one donation, but got a bit distracted by hurricane preparations and didn’t make it yet. We are rolling those 2 donations into our September one and give it to help support relief efforts.

It’s not much compared to their loss, but if we all come together and help we will make a difference.