How are Ridley Straws made?

The straws start as 4’ long tubes of colored glass.  We hand cut and polish every straw before they get annealed in a digitally controlled kiln.  The annealing process is an important safety step and helps relieve the stress created during the manufacturing process.  


Where are Ridley Straws made?

We are proud to say Ridley Straws are hand made in Florida!  Florida has the second most coastline in the US, second only to Alaska, and we feel strongly that Florida should be at the forefront of the fight against single-use plastics.


What type of glass do you use to make the straws?

Ridley Straws are made from a type of glass called borosilicate which is the strongest glass commercially available.  Borosilicate is extremely strong and resistant to thermal shock. 


How do I keep my straw clean?

Being made of glass makes Ridley Straws very easy to care for.  Simply rinse when done, where possible, and place in the silverware tray of your dishwasher.  Don’t have a dishwasher? No problem! We also carry cleaning brushes. (link ‘cleaning brushes to product page) 

With Ridley Straws you never have to worry about what’s going on inside your straw – you can see if it is clean or not!


  • Use your reusable Ridley Straw in place of single-use ones.
  • Tell everyone you meet how much you LOVE your reusable Ridley Straw!
  • Use your straw on your favorite icy cold or steaming hot beverages.
  • Buy a straw for a friend!
  • Use your Ridley Straw in place of a swizzle stick.
  • Enjoy how easy to clean your Ridley Straw is!


  • Don’t move your straw from hot directly to cold or cold directly to hot.  This will cause thermal shock and may break your straw. Instead, let your straw get closer to room temperature before submerging it into a drink with extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Don’t continue to use your straw if it cracks, chips or otherwise breaks.
  • Don’t forget to bring your straw with you wherever you go.
  • Don’t keep your love of Ridley Straws to yourself – let everyone know!